This Day in History

In January of last year, as I was taking down my Christmas decorations around my cubicle (always a sad day), I decided that I needed to add a little something fun to liven up my workspace, and to distract me from the fact that Christmas was over. So I decided on a chalkboard. Why a chalkboard? Because this way I could let out some creative energy by drawing with my hands instead of only designing on the computer.[space_20]

But then there was the question of, “What do I want to say with my chalkboard?” After Googling some ideas and racking my brain, I decided to go with something I recalled from my high school homeroom days. On the loudspeaker every morning, along with various announcements, was a series called ‘This Day in History.” And then I had my idea. “This Day in History” would be my chalkboard series theme! I[space_20]

thought this chalkboard idea was a fun way to showcase my creativity while providing a piece of useful trivia (or maybe just some help with the occasional jeopardy questions) to my work colleagues. With the assistance of, I picked an amusing or interesting fact each day that I could have fun illustrating, and that I thought would engage people as they walked past my cubicle. What came out was an entertaining series of random facts with some rather comical sketches. Enjoy.


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